Covid vaccine: It needs to be gain, not harm


2020 has been a difficult year, with the emergence of Covid-19disrupting the world 's original process, many lives remaining forever in 2020, and as survivors we seem to have finally seen a little light, thanks to the great efforts and efforts of scientists and pharmaceutical companies, many vaccines have been introduced, which is encouraging, and the Buddha is a little light at the end of a long dark tunnel.  But we also need to be vigilant and cautious, and fast-delivering vaccines remain fraught with risks, the most important of which is the risks associated with the safety of the vaccine itself.

The safety of the mRNA vaccine still needs to be evaluated

On March 2, nursing staff at a nursing home in Berlin, Germany, reported that 25 percent of the residents of a nursing home with dementia had died immediately after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, and36 percent of the residents had suffered serious injuries or even near death in a short period of time.  Norway, on the other part of the country, has confirmed as many as 29 deaths over the age of 75 since vaccination began on December 27 last year.  In a written response to Bloomberg on January 16, the Norwegian Drug Administration said that until the 15th, the vaccine produced by Pfizer-BioNTech SE was the only vaccine in Norway, so "all deaths are related to this vaccine".

In December, Dr. J. Patrick Whelan   expressed concern that the new mRNA vaccine technology used by Pfizer and Modern in the United States "may cause microvascular damage (inflammation and small blood clots called micro thrombosis) to the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys in a way that is not evaluated in the safety trial evaluation."  The Mr. NA vaccine used by the two companies actually tells human cells to make a protein that triggers an immune response that protects people from infection if a real virus enters the body.   But the new technology has not yet been shown to be safe in large-scale use, and the current spread of the vaccine is actually a process of directly testing humans on a large scale. There are also immunologists who say that, unlike inactivated vaccines, large-scale use of mRNA vaccines has a risk of causing abnormal immune dysfunction, allergies and even death, especially in the elderly and people with underlying diseases.

Many adverse vaccine reactions or deaths that occur in different countries and regions should alarm governments about the need to choose and procure vaccines with greater care, such as inactivated vaccines with more sophisticated technologies, or to buy vaccines produced by manufacturers in different countries, rather than the high-risk approach of putting all eggs in one basket, as in Norway.

The European vaccine has been called into question

Official reports of allergic reactions are rare as the government rushes to introduce a vaccine to contain a global pandemic. But the AstraZeneca vaccine, produced by a Swedish-British joint venture of biopharmaceutical companies, has actually been a problem since its launch, and there has been resistance in many countries.

The effectiveness of The AstraZeneca vaccine is in doubt.     


AstraZeneca initially disclosed the data in the wrong way and a series of irregularities and omissions, and late last year, Astronautic announced that its vaccine was 62 percent effective after two full-dose trials, but 90 percent after half-dose and full-dose trials, which British regulators now say is 70 percent effective, while the European Medicines Agency says 60percent, and that vague differences in efficacy undermine public confidence in vaccine reliability.Industry experts also say the vaccine is poorly transparent and rigorous. Last month, South Africa announced it was shut down for questioning its effectiveness.South Africa's health minister, Zweli Mkhize, said they had verified the effectiveness of the vaccine with a new strain in South Africa and found that the vaccine provided only "minimal protection" against mild and moderate cases, but that 90 percent of cases in South Africa were currently caused by new variants.

In addition, AstraZeneca’s high rate of side effects has raised concerns. 


On 19 February, 194 employees of a German hospital were vaccinated, 30 had high fevers, headaches and obvious side effects, and France received a total of 149 reports of severe side effects between 6 and 10 February, with an average age of 34, the National Drug Safety Agency (ANSM)said in a report Also on March 2, South Korea received 51 reports of adverse reactions,3 people with breathing difficulties and red rashes, and more than 3,600 side effects reported in 10 days.

Perhaps that is why officials point out that in continental Europe, when AstraZeneca vaccines are available, no reservations are made and vaccination centers are empty. Two regions in Sweden have temporarily suspended AstraZeneca vaccinations, and hundreds of thousands of doses of AstraZeneca have not been used in Germany. In general, public support for vaccines has become a problem. If there is a problem with the COVID vaccine, trust in other life-saving vaccines will be further eroded, and if vaccination rates fall, more people, especially children, will be at risk.  For vaccine manufacturers, life should be a risk that cannot be risked.

If a vaccine may only bring limited benefits to those most in need and may put vulnerable people at risk, it is certainly not the best option.

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